Special services

At Pressto we cannot stop innovating!

We want to make sure you receive the best and most complete catalogue of services, so in our research centers we work hard so we can offer you all these special services:


Pressto Nigerias’ special offers includes pick up and delivery of your garment at the office. Because we know you have a tight schedule, and you need to have your garments clean and ready on time, we simply make it convenient for you, it’s just a phone call away. We believe that this service certainly blends with your life style.
Or if you prefer, we can also offer our only-iron laundry service. You just have to bring in your laundered garments from home or we can pick them up for you, whatever you prefer!!!


At Pressto Nigeria we want to make things easy for you, so we offer you our dry cleaning home delivery service, in your own place.


At Pressto Nigeria we can also customize the finishing of your garments: Whether you want to have your shirts or trousers ironed with or without streak, or you want to get your garments prim and proper; or you are travelling and want to have your garments folded into a bag so it will not get crumpled; or you like them to have more fragrance of softener or even without any smell… we can make your request a realism.
Pressto Nigeria is the unique dry cleaning service that assures your style!!