Pressto continues expansion in India

The dry cleaning and laundry chain Pressto has just opened two new franchising shops in Juhu, an exclusive residential neighbourhood in Mumbai. Both stores are located in two important Shopping Centres in the city: Juhu Supreme Shopping Centre and Vaishali Shopping Centre.

Pressto came to India in early 2008 with a Master Franchising Agreement with a local operator and, since then, expansion has focus on the capital, New Delhi, and in Mumbai, the most populated and wealthiest city in this large country.

Given the country peculiarities, chain positioning in India has targeted wealthy audience. Because of the entrance of many exclusive international brands Pressto has become the dry cleaners where wealthy and important people such a businessmen, Bollywood starts or big designers go.

Pressto Zapato

An additional service to dry cleaning and laundry that is achieving very good results in India is Pressto Zapato (what is known as Pressto Shoes), this is, cleaning, repair and care of shoes, bags and other accessories. In one occasion, after experiencing the effect of a fire, a customer took 168 pair of shoes, that were restored, cleaned and dyed and after all these treatment they looked like brand new.

With this new opening, there are already 23 Pressto centres in India, 8 in New Delhi and 15 in Mumbai.