Cleaning processes

At Pressto cleaning starts when our specialists identify stains and treat them in a specific way with highly effective techniques.

We are proud to say that this spotting process is one of the features that makes us different from other dry cleaners.

Afterwards, garment is put into a washing machine, a dryer or a wet cleaning system where cleaning agents are used appropriately.

This solvent together with our biodegradable tensioactive agents help garment to dry when taken out without any alteration in colour or texture.

If the stain still remains, we start same process again. Once stain has been removed, we iron and pack garment so it can be kept in perfect hygienic state.

Our cleaning processes guarantee a bactericidal treatment based on the cleaning of your garments with special detergents which ensures a healthy and hygienic process. We do this using machinery and processes which respect the environment and biodegradable detergents that make this possible. At Pressto we are concerned about the environment as much as you are.