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About us

About us


At Pressto Dry Cleaners we want you to remember us for our quality, which is why our commintment starts the moment you, enter in our stores and continues in the cleaning process of each of your garments, but it still continues when we say goodbye smiling to you , hoping we will see you again.


Pressto holds its 4th International Conventional

Under the title of “Evolution, Innovation and Commitment” the dry cleaning and laundry chain invited their Master Franchise for the Company 20th anniversary and introduce them all the latest innovations. Over these 20 years of the chain, Pressto... 

Pressto continues expansion in India

The dry cleaning and laundry chain Pressto has just opened two new franchising shops in Juhu, an exclusive residential neighbourhood in Mumbai. Both stores are located in two important Shopping Centres in the city: Juhu Supreme Shopping Centre and Vaishali... 

Pressto strengthens its position in Qatar

The dry cleaning chain opens two new franchise stores in Qatar, one in the capital Doha, and another in the coastal city of Al-khor. In this way, Pressto brand strengthen its presence in the Qatari emirate. Pressto history in Qatar is very recent, first... 

Pressto opens two new stores in Mexico

The Spanish chain reinforces its presence in the Aztec country with two new franchise stores, one in the State of Mexico and the other in the Sonora State where Pressto comes for the first time. In this way, so far there are already 9 shops in 2013. The... 
Pressto celebra su III Convención Internacional

Pressto held it Third International Convention

The chain has gathered in Madrid its Master Franchisees to introduce latest innovations. Spanish company Pressto has always gone for international expansion and, especially in the recent years. It has extended its business concept over 21 countries and... 
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